Air Source Heat Pump Repair

ASHP systems might need repairs from time to time. There are common problems that can occur with an air source system that can be avoided by following a regular maintenance schedule. Sometimes though, your system won’t produce the heat you want, and it’s time to call the experts.

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Why choose us for your air source heat pump repair?

Although heat pumps have been around for a while, many companies that used to be in the repair and maintenance business are not keeping up with modern technology. If you are looking for heat pump repair near you, you’re really searching for the most qualified and competent team to solve your problem.

That’s where we come into play.

We have worked hard to learn all we can about renewable energy systems. However, we are constantly learning through training and research in order to offer the best service possible to our customers.

Because heat pumps have so few moving parts, repairs and maintenance are usually quite simple for a professional engineer with the right set of skills. We will ensure that our heat pump repair service is top-notch. You can trust us to solve your heat pump problems quickly and professionally.

We offer competitive prices and will find the right solution for your system. We don’t offer “off-the-shelf” solutions because we know that they won’t work for everyone. Therefore, we will thoroughly review your requirements before we begin any repair work.

Why use a local company over a large national?

A local heat pump repair company can reach you faster than any other distant or national company. Our local knowledge is what sets us apart. This means we try our best to offer a high quality service because we feel that our local community is crucial. With lower overheads we’re often able complete repairs more quickly and cost-effectively than our competitors.

How to identify an ASHP problem

Your display will show fault codes if your heat pump isn’t working correctly. A reset should resolve the problem if it’s only minor. Also, check the heating pressure gauge. If it is low, use the filling loop to add more pressure. While most systems need pressure to be set to 1.5 bar, it is a good idea to consult your Operations and Maintenance Manual.

You should contact an engineer if you experience a fault frequently or other problems with your heatpump, such as leaks or mechanical issues (such a compressor failure or soft start failure), blocked filters or pressure alarm faults. Also, an engineer can inspect and fix any ground collector issues, such as lack of fluid or air. An engineer should be contacted if the system displays recurring or major faults.

To determine if there are any issues, we will need to survey the unit to understand the fault. This system inspection will also identify any components units that require replacing. We will be able to quickly quote the work required and complete these on your request. You can rest assured that your air source heat pump repairs will be completed quickly and with high-quality parts.

Common air source heat pump issues that we fix

There are a range of common issues that our expert engineers can deal with for, any size or type of system.

ASHP compressor repair

The heat pump compressor is an essential component for heat pump performance. It distributes heat efficiently between the indoor and outdoor parts of the pump. You may need heat pump compressor repair if you experience less than optimal performance from your heat source heat pump.

To transfer heat from one place to the next, a substance called “refrigerant”, is circulated around your renewable power system. The refrigerant in a heat pump absorbs heat from the outside and then releases it back inside. The heat pump will stop if circulation is disrupted. This means that heat cannot be transferred from one location to the next.

The compressor circulates the refrigerant. If the compressor fails or becomes inefficient, the refrigerant will not be circulated in the proper manner

Rapid heat pump compressor repair will be necessary in this situation to restore your system’s efficiency. You may have a problem with a single component or all of the compressor. Our team has the experience to quickly identify the issue and repair your heat pump.

Insufficient heat production

An air source heat pump’s primary purpose is to heat your house, so you will notice it if it stops functioning quickly. Modern heat pumps are built to last and provide efficient heating. However, sometimes problems can occur.

If there is a complete loss in heat production, it could indicate an issue with the power supply. A loss of electricity may be minor and can be fixed by replacing the fuse and plug. However, only a qualified electrician should inspect the unit to confirm that it is correct and that there is no more serious or dangerous problem.

The heat exchanger may not be producing heat properly if there is no heat production. Check your unit for damage or debris. If the unit doesn’t produce heat, contact a technician for an inspection and assistance.

Heat pump freezes

Modern heating units can withstand low temperatures. However, efficiency will vary depending on many factors such as the location of your home and its elevation above sea level.

You should choose an air source heat pumps that can withstand extreme cold or icy conditions. You may also need to inspect your heating unit regularly if there is heavy snowfall or ice.

The heat that an air source heat pumps can produce is directly proportional to outside temperatures. If temperatures drop significantly, there could be a decrease in heat output. We can advise on the correct configuration for your system and location, and repair frozen units.

Overly noisy operation

Air-source heat pumps produce a certain level of noise when they are operating, just like an air conditioner unit. This noise is not noticeable to most people, but it can be annoying for neighbours if your heat pump makes a lot of noise.

Modern air source heat pump have been engineered to not be annoying to nearby neighbours. If your unit is too noisy, it could be a problem. Excessive noise is often caused by parts like the fan bearings wearing out or moving out of position over time.

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