Commercial & Industrial Air Source Heat Pump Services

Smart businesses look for ways to lower their operating costs. This is something that fossil-fuel-powered heating systems have always made challenging. It’s not only hard, but also unpredictable, as you never know when prices will fluctuate. Already, we’ve seen the impact of this on energy suppliers all across the country.

Ashford Heat Pumps can help you mitigate this issue by installing an ASHP system for your business

Commercial air source heat pumps save businesses money by reducing this reliance on fossil fuels. According to the Energy Savings Trust, commercial heat pumps can help businesses save around £3,000 annually, or more for larger installations.

The UK government has established targets to reduce carbon emissions, decrease fossil fuels and preserve energy resources into the future, and in order to obtain planning permission, new buildings and refurbishments must now include renewable heating systems.

The majority of the greenhouse gas emissions from commercial buildings are caused by space heating and water heating. This is an area where you can make a significant impact on climate change by installing a renewable heating system.

Why ASHPs are a good commercial decision compared to fossil fuelled systems

Greater efficiency

The efficiency of air source heat pumps is far greater than that of ordinary gas-powered boilers. They do not require any fossil fuels, and they only require electricity to run. This high efficiency can help air source heat pumps achieve efficiency ratings as high as 300%. This means that you will generate three units of energy per unit of electricity your heat pump receives.

This is compared to the smallest boilers that can achieve an absolute maximum efficiency rating of 98%.

Lower running costs

In 2023, electricity is four times more costly than gas so the running costs for an air source heat pump versus a boiler powered by gas are similar. This is expected to reduce over time as global energy price pressures fade, and of course can be significantly reduced by solar panel installation

This is also likely to change as the UK gets more electricity from renewable sources like solar power. This means that we can be confident in stating that air source heat pump will soon have lower operating costs than traditional gas-powered boilers. Gas prices are unpredictable.

Lower maintenance costs

Air source heat pumps have very low maintenance costs and last much longer than regular boilers. An air source heat pump should last 15 to 20 years, while the average condensing boiler will last between 7 and 10 years.

Why should you choose us to install your commercial air source heat pump system?

Based on your specific needs, your location, and the nature of your operation, we will design the best system for your business. We provide not only the equipment, but also ongoing support contracts for all products throughout their lifecycle.

We work with all the top manufacturers of ASHPs and will only install products that have strong guarantees and proven performance records. Our team of MCS-accredited experts will design your system and install it for you. This gives you complete assurance of reliability over the long-term.

Our process for designing and commissioning your system looks like this:

  1. Discuss your requirements
  2. Survey your premises
  3. Provide system designs, costs, and manufacturer recommendations
  4. Help you decide on specific details
  5. Our team of industry experts will install your system according to industry standards

How much does a commercial ASHP installation cost?

The price of a commercial heat pump system will depend on its size and the number of units you need.

An average system will usually cost between £6,000 and £18,000 depending on how big your building is, how many units you need, and the amount of installation labour required.

The price will naturally increase as you add more units.

Types of premises that can have ASHPs installed

Air source heat pumps are an ideal heating (and cooling) solution for a range of business and building types, including:

  • Industrial and farm buildings
  • Multiple occupancy units such as apartment blocks or private estates (ask us about installing an ambient temperature heat network throughout multiple buildings)
  • Retail units
  • Schools/universities
  • Businesses that require simultaneous heating and cooling, e.g. IT server rooms, manufacturing processes
  • Leisure facilities (ASHPs are perfect for heating swimming pools)

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